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Fixed telephones:
The old monopoly of the Nicaraguan telephony, Enitel, still controls most telephone connections. Fixed lines are not available everywhere, but most tourist destinations have good connections. Call to other countries is not a problem, but it can become expensive.Especially call across the oceans (eg call Europe costs $ 1 per minute).  comunicaciontelefonoconvencional  comunicacionenitelogo

The Cyber Café offer international long distance at a lower price, using VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol, IP, its acronym in English) which means that call from a computer to ordinary phones around the world for low rates. The area code is +505 Nicaragua

Cell phone: 
In Nicaragua it is rapidly developing system using cell phones. New antennas are being installed throughout the country. In larger cities you have good coverage and with no major roads to ensure coverage antennas that are in these pathways. The GSM 1900 network is used in Nicaragua, so be sure to check that your phone has this system.You can buy a SIM in Nicaragua just a few dollars, allowing you to have your own cell phone number Nicaraguan and charged at local prices make local calls. Companies rent-a-car and hotels also offer cell phone rental.
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Internet connections are available in many towns and cities, with slow but significant coverage. The government subsidizes cyber cafes and consequently the low Internet is available throughout the whole country prices. The hourly rate is about $ 1, sometimes a little more in remote locations. There are some very nice places with air conditioning, modern computers and flat panel monitors.
Every day, these Internet cafe allow more people in Nicaragua surf the Internet.
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Correos de Nicaragua – Postal
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Send a postcard in Nicaragua is not a problem and the price is reasonable. Delivery is not guaranteed, but most of the time the mail reaches its destination. The stamps can be purchased at the post offices.
Written media
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Longstanding, very important and circulation in the country Of great importance, circulation and popular acceptance in the country.
Radio  Broadcasting
  • Nueva Radio Ya
  • Radio widely accepted in the popular sector of Nicaragua.
  • Bluefields Radios
  • Radios The Costeñísima and The Caribbean city of Bluefields (RAAS)
  • Radio Corporation
  • Radio traditional long career.
Channels  Television
Channel 2 Televicentro the largest and widest coverage in the country TV Canal.
100% news TV channel with news programming, 24 hours.
Telenica Canal 8 TV Channel huge acceptance in the country.