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It is easy to get, if you arrive at the International Airport Nicaragua we will welcome you and offer transportation for live private vehicle or public depending on their economic availability, book with us Media Service rental transportation and travel, yourself could lead to your license, or can include driver and national bilingual tour guide, this would facilitate their travel and communication, the road is paved and in good condition will get to Granada from the capital in one hour and fifteen minutes maximum, in a vehicle special or regular public bus or express that they are in good condition, should hire local taxi to the terminal, there may be some kind of delay, there are many traveling to Granda. International buses traveling through Central America, passing through Granada and let you get off at this colonial city so we can expect notice prior to their arrival and confirmation of local transportation can book our service and we hope properly identified.

The city of Granada is located 47 kilometers from Nicaragua capital Managua and can access it very easily.

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Region with a beautiful colonial city, offers a wide variety of activities such as the appreciation of its historical value with its buildings of different styles, culture, religious festivals, natural resources and adventure.The department of Granada is home to the oldest city in all of Nicaragua: the colonial city of Granada. This city retains its own architectural aspects of the time of the Spanish colony in America and also is close to two other major attractions of the department: Lake Nicaragua, a huge body of fresh water and hundreds of islets, and Volcano Mombacho, an imposing and attractive inactive volcano.

In Granada you can explore most of the city on foot. Many beautiful colonial buildings, restaurants and hotels are located just a few blocks from downtown. Cars pulled by horses give an alternative way to see the city, but are not very efficient as a means of transport. Also, in the city there are many taxis and car rental companies and car owners we also provide vehicle can even bike rentals. For more information visit our section Transport Transport public bus.

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Founded in 1524, the city of Granada holds the title of oldest city built on mainland during the Spanish conquest, and since its inception has lived an eventful history: it was victim of numerous pirate attacks in the colony; It was the nation’s capital during different periods, vying for the title with the city of Leon, before so was proclaimed Managua Capital; It was sought, captured and destroyed by American filibusters; and it is currently in Nicaragua tourist destination most visited by foreign tourists.In the city itself, the colonial historic center is a good choice to visit and you can walk on foot or in a traditional horse-drawn cars Grenadians. The central park is an interesting option to start visita.Ahí can see many of the colonial buildings that surround it and taste the “vigorón”, typical dish of the city, composed of cassava, pork and vegetable salad, accompanied by a corn beer soda.

Near the central park are two museums the Convento San Francisco Museum building is one of the most important city in it artifacts and information about the old existing pre – Columbian culture are exposed in the area, and a collection of statues found on the island old shoemaker indigenous religious center and we can also visit buildings that function as centers of culture, Fundación Tres Mundos , or Casa de los Leones , and other buildings of heritage and historical value, as is the former home store La Polvora , with characteristics of Fortaleza military located west of the city.

There are many colonial buildings and churches in Granada, so walk its streets and avenues is an excellent way to appreciate and take photos at the doors of the houses with its architectural beauty. Although there are some buildings that seem about to collapse, most have been beautifully restored or renovated and function as restaurants, hotels or private homes. Another way to have a look at the city is up to one of the towers of La Merced Church.

When it comes to hotels and restaurants, Granada has a huge variety and offer many good hotels and hostels around often price located in a colonial atmosphere the city also has a great deal to eat and restaurants varied menu styles and decoration can found within walking distance around the Central park.

Following Calle La Calzada towards the lakeside, we see the Malecón of Granada we can go by bike or carriage pulled by horses or vehicle where you can stroll and enjoy the breeze and the view of the huge Cocibolca .

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Lake Nicaragua or Lake Nicaragua is the tenth largest lake in the world and second in Latin America. It is connected to the Caribbean Sea San Juan River, which formerly gave a great strategic value, as allowed pirates and Spanish conquistadors access to land. The location of the city of Granada was also chosen as a result of tactical and logistical advantages of the site.On the lakeshore of the city of Granada can be found an interesting destination, known as “the islands”. This is a grouping of more than 365 islands of volcanic origin that surround the Asese Peninsula. Small islands are located very close to one another, and they all can appreciate the natural character as fruit trees and vegetation are preserved and are very popular with local and migratory birds. Most of the islands are privately owned and some are occupied by hotels and restaurants. You can do tours of water between the many and beautiful islands, either on boat rides, rowboat, or kayak from the shore may also be other water sports and sailing can be practiced departing from the shores of the Great Lake of Nicaragua “Cocibolca”

Lake Nicaragua is known to have been inhabited by an extraordinary species of freshwater sharks. Unfortunately, a processing fin, which was installed along the Rio San Juan (entry point of these sharks) was the cause of the rapid decline of its population. Currently, the bull shark is rarely seen in the waters of the lake. However, this basin is still the habitat of many other aquatic animals, amphibians or more species of birds.

A unexplored destination: Zapatera Island Trail of the Petroglyphs
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South of Granada, in line with the volcanic chain of the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua, is located the Zapatera Island, which also has a volcanic origin. Before the arrival of the Spaniards, Zapatera was inhabited by indigenous tribes who left their traces, noticeable in the huge variety of statuary and pottery found there, and they have come to define it as a Pre-Columbian sanctuary. Unfortunately, many objects have been removed from the island, but here there are still enough and others who are believed hidden beneath the surface.The island is inhabited by a relatively small population and where there is little tourist infrastructure. Besides the historical significance, the island also has natural appeal. Keep in mind that not be a very popular site, access to Zapatera is not easy, however, it is a destination worth exploring.
“Nature and Panoramas”  Mombacho Volcano Tours Walking trails: the Crater ocelot The Puma
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After the Masaya Volcano, Mombacho is probably the second most easily accessible volcano in Nicaragua. The climb is quite steep, but a narrow paved road guarantees access to the top of this volcano inacti vo, where there is provided a visitor center with information and guides to explore different.Because of its height, the top is covered by a cloud forest and elfin forest. This type of ecosystem is very productive and has a great biodiversity. Moreover, as these forests are isolated from other ecosystems, here they grow several endemic species of animals and plants.

The tour of the various areas used to meet the Mombacho can last from 30 minutes to four hours trails. In addition to observing the spectacular flora and fauna, you can also enjoy some views of the surroundings. The Canopy is one of the possibilities offered by the Mombacho.

Nandaime + Peoples Warlocks: Diriomo and Diria
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The peoples of Diriomo and Diriá belong to the chain of small and quaint “People Warlocks” , which are part of other peoples of the region, have ancient churches built during the colonial era and both peoples are recognized producers of small boxes of assorted flavors and colors . An attractive point located in Diriá is your viewpoint El Boquete, where you have an attractive view of the Laguna de Apoyo.also form the department of Granada City Nandaime is the second important city of the department. In its center the colonial church of Santa Ana is located. One of the attractions of this area are the festivities that take place in the month of July, during which they make pilgrimage image of their patron saint to the foot of Mombacho volcano, where formerly this population was moved to its present location after a mudslide occurred in the seventeenth century settled.
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