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Money in Nicaragua:
Nicaragua has its own currency: the Cordoba. The US dollar is accepted everywhere. Sometimes, prices are based on the dollar but transferred to cordobas. If you pay in dollars, the exchange will receive in cordobas. In most shops, hotels and restaurants accept credit cards. You can withdraw money from ATMs found at banks and gas stations.Prices in cordobas are given using the letter ‘c’ followed by a dollar sign (for example, C $ 100).
Current types of changes you can use the Currency Converter Oanda .
Around the 15th and 30th of each month, banks are fuller because people receive their paychecks. Keep this in mind when thinking about going to the bank. In general, banks in Nicaragua has an old and slow style, but if you only use ATMs, is not bothered by this.In most establishments credit cards (not in very remote small towns and destinations) are accepted. You can get cash from ATMs, located in banks and gas stations.
There are ATMs in the following cities:
  • Chinandega – MC, V
  • Estelí – V
  • Granada – MC, V
  • Jinotega MC
  • Juigalpa – V
  • Leon – MC, V
  • Managua – MC, V
  • Matagalpa – MC, V
  • Masaya – MC, V
  • Rivas – MC, V
  • San Juan del Sur – MC

V = Visa
MC = MasterCard

cajeroautmatic ATM
Credit Cards and Travelers Cheques
Credit cards are recognized and used in numerous establishments and banks around the country and travelers check can only be changed in some banks. ATMs are available in most tourist destinations.
Currency exchange
The most frequent change US dollars to Cordoba and vice versa.The official exchange rate available on the website

The US dollar is commonly accepted throughout the country.

Coins and Banknotes (Cordobas)
C $ 10 bills, C $ 20, C $ 50, C $ 100 bills, C $ 200, C $ 500.
                  you billetesdediezcordobas you billetedeciencordobas
Reverse Reverse
billetedediezcordobasrev billetedeciencordobasreverso
Back Back
you billetedeveintecordobas you billetededoscientoscordobas
IiInverso Reverse
billetedeveintecordobasreverso billetesdedoscientoscordobasreverso
Back Back
you billetedecincuentacordobas you billetedequinientoscordobas
Reverse Reverse
billetedecincuentacordobasreverso billetedequinientoscordobasreverso
Back Back
Fifty cordobas notes in circulation edition similar, Reverse and Reverse tickets 25 cents ¢, 10 ¢, 5 ¢, 1 ¢.
billetesdecincuentacordobasbreverso billetedecincuentacordobasb billetesdeveinticincocentavos
Reverse Back billetesdecincocentavos
Dimes Cordobas
Nickels cordobas
Coins of Cordoba
50 ¢ cents coins
25 ¢ cents coins
10 ¢ cents coins
Coins of 5 ¢ cents
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