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“National Guide and Singer”

Gioconda was born in Granada Nicaragua, finished his studies at the university. and in 2005 he began operating as a national guide.

Traveling, reading, scenery, landscapes photographs, flora and fauna, volcanoes, history, all this is cause for admiration and inspiration reflected in our eyes, we can see the colorful artistic brushstrokes museums, and keep a nice memory in our photographic memory .


“Let us learn to value our resources, talents, skills, aptitudes and attitudes with properly”


Gioconda national guidance and singer has discovered what their world, and has taken the initiative to offer its service and artistic talent to guide and sing enlivening the tourists who hire service oriented to work in the profession you have chosen and you He would like to continue studying art.

Hiring their service, she would continue to develop their profession and achieve their professional conduct further studies.

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Songs and poems sung in different Tour
National anthem Anthem Ruben Dario
Nicaragua Mía Poem: The Fatal (R. D)
Granada mine March Trinfal (RD)
the Granadino Song of Hope (RD)
Granada Mestiza Poem: The Bala (SS)
Granada Immortal live León
Stone Bocona Chinandega
Sister Maria Romero Matagalpa
Agony of Twilight Poneloya
Salve Divine Azucena Managua
Pax Tibi Masaya
Rio San Juan San Juan del Sur
the Carleñita quincho Barrilete
Corn Island Tropical anthem Pan
La Flor de Sacuanjoche Credo of the Nicaraguan Youth.
Karaoke Live music
Piano Guitar marimbas Musical groups
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