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Nicaragua flag
The Nicaraguan flag has three horizontal bands (two blue, up and down) with the national emblem in the center, in the white stripe.The white stripe the national flag represents the territory of the nation and symbolizes the purity of Nicaragua.

The two blue stripes mean that Nicaragua is bathed by two oceans.

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The national emblem is a triangle surrounded circularly with the words REPUBLIC OF NICARAGUA CENTRAL AMERICA up and down.
  • It has the shape of an equilateral triangle.
  • The triangle stands  for EQUALITY .
  • Rainbow means  PEACE .
  • The Phrygian cap is a symbol of  FREEDOM .
  • The five volcanoes express the  UNION  and the  FRATERNITY  of the five Central American countries.
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National bird
Name in Spanish: Guardabarranco Common
name in English: Turquoise-browed Motmot Latin name: Eumomota superciliosa The national bird is the Guardabarranco . This colorful bird is easily recognized by its long tail topped by two blue feathers. The Guardabarranco mainly eat insects and dig a hole in the ground to lay their huevos.Pueden be seen in the forests of Nicaragua, generally in the southwest. Their habitats are not limited by departmental boundaries, as can be seen in the capital, Managua.
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National flower
This colorful flower called Sacuanjoche , is the national flower of Nicaragua. Sacuanjoche flower grows on trees Plumerian Alba or Frangipani , a type of very narrow tree blooming in May. The local name is Sacuanjoche of origin Nahuatl .The flower appears in notes 1.5, 10 and 25 cents that are not frequently used.
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National Tree
Arbutus ( Calycophyllum candidissimum ) is the national tree of Nicaragua.

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The National Anthem of Nicaragua emerged from a competition established in 1918 by the government. In that contest, he was asked to write two quartets to talk about work and peace, and to adapt to a previously defined melody. 


The melody came from an anonymous liturgical chant used by a friar named Castinove, to accompany his teaching of Christian Indians from Subtiaba, near the city of Leon faith (currently Sutiava is part of the city).



The winner was unanimously poet Salomón Ibarra Mayorga, with its known production “Hail to thee, Nicaragua”.

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