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How to get to Nicaragua?
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Nicaragua has the service of the following international airlines: American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Spirit Airlines Delta Airlines, AIRLINES Copa, Grupo Taca Airlines, Aerocaribbean Airlines, Aeromexico and move visitors to the International Airport of Managua.These airlines offer connections from European countries. There are direct flights to Managua from Miami, Houston and Atlanta, as well as from neighboring Central American countries, where it can also be accessed by land.

The check counters for passengers are on the first floor of the main building, west side.

We invite you to navigate through the pages of the airports in Bluefields, Puerto Cabezas and Corn Island where you can find valuable information about hotels, transportation, variety of restaurants and facilities that provide air terminals, etc.

In addition to the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport, the EAAI (International Airports Management Company) currently manages three local airports located in the Atlantic region of Nicaragua: Bluefields, Puerto Cabezas and Corn Island. The terminals of Bluefields and Puerto Cabezas have been remodeled, being equipped with modern facilities and equipment to ensure safe aircraft operations and give more comfort to our passengers. costena local flight Nicaragua
In order to promote tourism in the South Atlantic in February 2001 we began the study for the construction of the new air terminal of San Juan de Nic. which will serve the town of the same name. The project includes the construction of an air terminal of 470 m² and a runway of 1,300 meters long by 35 meters wide. a taxiway 30 meters x 15 meters and an area of 6,000 m² platform will also be built. agencialacostena
Access by Land Transport: Nicaragua and Central America
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Central travelers pass leaving Rivas, Granada, Masaya, Managua. Leaving Managua north and south of Central America
Contact the Embassy of Nicaragua in their Country
  • People from other countries should check with the Embassy of Nicaragua in their country.
  • For a list of embassies in Nicaragua visit the page embassies.
Travel documents:
Passport valid for at least six months. Visitors to the countries of the European Union, the United States and some Latin American countries do not need visas; only an entry fee of US $ 5 dollars is paid and be given a tourist card valid for 90 days, when entering the country.The list of countries whose visitors require a visa can be found on our website: is advisable to bring your identification while you are abroad.  documentosdeviaje
Electricity in Nicaragua is 120 Volts and 60 Hertz as in the United States, it means that tourists from Europe and other countries can not use their electrical equipment.Laptops usually work, unless you need a special adapter to connect to the Nicaraguan outlets. The adapters can buy in Nicaragua or in your country.Power outages tend to spend more in Nicaragua than in developed countries. This also happens in big cities like Managua and Granada. Moreover, small towns do not usually have this service in a consistent manner. In our Guide Hotels Nicaragua you can see whether or not hotels have electric plant which is activated when there is a power outage.  nicaragualuzelectrica
Low light can also happen, sometimes leaving damage. Laptops and cameras have their own adapter, which offers good protection. If you want to connect other equipment, it would be nice to hit a stabilizer in the middle of the equipment and the plug. This will give you a kind of protection for their computers.
Schedule differences
The time is the same as when the United States Center (GMT -6). Saving time during the day is not observed in Nicaragua. However, there are a few times that Nicaragua has changed the time for practical reasons.