Nicaragua travel guide trip to the city of Esteli tour of the plantation and manufactures snuff
Esteli Snuff Tour
This EXTENSIVE   Snuff Tour offers flexible one-hour tours for cigar aficionados. The tours cover The entire process cigar manufacturing, from the beginning (seed planting) to the end (the cigar sales). Tours include visits to local tobacco plantation and a local cigar factory.Throughout the tour, visitors will learn about:

  • The tobacco industry, Including STI history and Its current events;
  • How to make and roll cigars Their Own, Which They can take home as souvenirs;
  • The proper technique for smoking cigars.

At home the tobacco plantation, visitors learn about:

  • The curing process and how plants are Transported cured tobacco;
  • The selection process, Which is the best When sheets of tobacco are Chosen for use;
  • The transportation process, During Which stacks of cured tobacco are Transferred to the local cigar factories.
Photos May be taken THROUGHOUT The entire process.
At the factory, visitors watch the cigar-making process. They’ll see all the different aspects, including: Where the cured tobacco stacks of sheets are Chosen for use; how the cigars are rolled and stacked for packaging; how the logos and imprints are added to cigar packaging; and how the authentic cigar boxes are made and stocked With cigars.
Tours are tailored to fit each customer’s need and desire.Questions are welcomed, and tour Snuff Representatives are happy to share thoughts and information on cigars, other tours, restaurants, hotels, shopping or any other activities or Local destinations.
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