nicaraguamapaverView Map Click on the name of the department to explore: Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. Its northern boundary Honduras and the South Coast Rica.Nicaragua houses two large lakes: Lake Nicaragua is the largest in Central America and is the only one with freshwater sharks worldwide. and Lake Managua.Nicaragua is one of the safest countries in Latin America.Poverty is quite remarkable and the country has no tourist sector as developed as neighboring countries. However, the unexplored side of Nicaragua allows tourists completely relax on beaches without tripping over other tourists.
Managua, the capital, is equipped with modern facilities such as cinemas, shopping malls and high class hotels. In the colonial cities like Leon and Granada , you will find old and colorful houses, charming little streets and lively squares.Two small islands in the Atlantic Ocean – or Corn Islands Corn Islands offer everything for visitors. Caribbean vacation: white beaches, blue and tropical waters, and magnificent coral reefs. Everything traveler can find your favorite place in Nicaragua!