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Choosing the walking tour on the sites for details and secrets of the city accompanied by Gioconda national tour guide and singer
In Granada we can explore most of the city on foot. Many beautiful colonial buildings, restaurants and hotels are located just a few blocks from downtown.In the city itself, the colonial historic center is a good choice for a visit and can make walking and we see many of the colonial buildings that surround it and taste the «vigorón», typical dish of the city, composed of cassava, pork and a vegetable salad, accompanied by a soft drink cocoa.
Near the central park is the Convent  San Francisco Museum . The building is one of the most important in the city, because it was the first church and convent built by settlers in 1529. It artifacts and information about the old existing pre -Columbian culture are exposed in the area, and a collection of statues found on the island Zapatera, ancient Indian religious center. Another museum of interest is the old Spanish fort La Polvora , located west of the city.There are many colonial buildings and churches in Granada, so walk its streets and avenues is an excellent way to appreciate the architectural beauty of this ancient city. Although there are some buildings that seem about to collapse, most have been beautifully restored or renovated and function as restaurants, hotels or private homes. Another way to have a look at the city is up to one of the towers of the church La Merced, located opposite the park Xalteva.The central park is an interesting option to start the visit.For more information about Car transportation , visit our Transportation section.We can also arrange a combination with one of the traditional Grenadian cars pulled by horses are an alternative for a tour and see the city, but are not very efficient as a means of transport. Also, in the city there are many taxis and car rental centers, and it is also possible to rent bicycles.
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1 Granada Tour «Tourist Capital» one hour
2 Granada Tour «From the main square to the east»
3 Granada Tour «From the park to the west»
4 Granada Tour «At the heart of the city»
5 Granada Tour «mainline churches»
6 Granada Tour Historical Events
7 Granada Tour «History of the Gobernors» 
8 Granada Tour «Main Monuments»
9 Granada Tour «Two museums and cultural centers»
10 Granada Convent Museum Tour 

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